FIRST Robotics at
St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute 

Team 5590
​Team Alumiboti in action.


  1. Drilling the Outer Defenses
    Drilling the Outer Defenses
    Mentor Dan Massing works with students Giovanni and Andrew V. to perfect the robot.
  2. Publicity At Work
    Publicity At Work
    Mentor Chris and Ben work on organizing Team Alumiboti's image.
  3. Settling In
    Settling In
    Moderators Brother Joe and Mr. Wick adjust to Team Alumiboti's new home while Patrick looks on.
  4. A Conversation
    A Conversation
    Moderator Mr. Wick discusses robot design with student Larry and Mentors Dan Starner, Matt Aungst, and Matt Hofmeister.
  5. It's Electric
    It's Electric
    Andrew and John work on wiring.
  6. The Robot Base
    The Robot Base
    The robot base is ready for FIRST Steamworks gear.
  7. The Gear Trapper
    The Gear Trapper
    Moderator Mr. Wick works with Alex on the robot's gear mechanism.
  8. Our New Workspace
    Our New Workspace
    The new workspace offers more space, permanent workbenches, and designated build areas.


  1. Between Matches
    Between Matches
    John makes some repairs in the Team Alumiboti pit.
  2. Robot 5590
    Robot 5590
    The Team Alumiboti robot scales a defense.
  3. Accepting A Gift
    Accepting A Gift
    The Warlocks present Team Alumiboti with a custom storage box.
  4. The Scoreboard
    The Scoreboard
    Congratulations, Red Team!
  5. Red Team GO!
    Red Team GO!
    Matt and Austin place the robot on the playing field.
  6. Team Alumiboti Pit
    Team Alumiboti Pit
    The team relaxes between matches.
  7. Ready for a Match
    Ready for a Match
    The ref waits for a signal while Team Alumiboti looks on.
  8. FIRST Robotics Pit Area
    FIRST Robotics Pit Area
    FIRST Robotics teams have taken over half RIT's gym.